Welfare Winners 2017

Sporting Force 2017

Sporting Force is a North East based, national charity set up by a wounded veteran to assist wounded veterans. The charity was founded in 2015 after Tommy Lowther was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The main objective of Sporting Force is to help with the transition from the military back into civilian life through social engagement to reduce social isolation. They provide employability courses, work placements including some paid employment and much more in the professional sports world. Sporting Force currently work with 92 football clubs including those in the Premier league and Championship league. They also work with professional rugby clubs, and are moving into various other sports and organisations. Through the services offered by Sporting Force and the different organisations they work with, they have helped hundreds of veterans get to a positive place in life, whether that be work, social engagement, or family life.

Sporting Force Beneficiaries standing lined up for a group photograph on a trip out together