Welfare Winners 2019

Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services

Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services (Phoenix DAS) is a highly successful registered charity that uses a variety of methods to end all forms of domestic abuse.

Since its inception in 2002 the service has received over 4500 referrals and currently works with more than 50 partner organisations.   The Service is forward thinking and adopts a restorative, person centred approach to all areas of its work. This is unusual within the field but is based on the strong belief that all people are capable of change given the right motivation, support and practical assistance. Phoenix DAS provide a victim safety team which support the emotional, practical and safety needs of female and male victims of domestic abuse aged 18+, including support through Criminal justice and civil court systems. Provide programmes that help victims move forward with their lives. They also provide a youth respect team, working with teenagers showing signs of abusive control and also with perpetrators to deliver a change in attitude and behaviour of those who offend.