Welfare Winners 2020

Carer Support South Lakes 2020

Carer Support South Lakes was established in 1992 to provide support to unpaid carers of all ages in the South Lakeland area.












The charity helps carers carry out their caring role & maintain their own wellbeing by providing a flexible & varied programme of services that meet their individual needs along their caring journey.  This includes assessing carers needs as well as providing information, support, training & advocacy. Carers access support on a one-to-one basis from experienced staff & volunteers as well as through a variety of group activities & support groups, including counselling, therapeutic sessions & respite provided from a volunteer sitting service. The charity’s main beneficiaries are adult, parent & young carers, but our work also benefits those they care for.  This includes children & adults who have a wide range of disabilities, special needs & medical conditions including Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease.