Welfare Winners 2020

The Brick 2020

The Brick is an innovative & award-winning homelessness charity helping people transition through homelessness & hardship.















The Brick works with people who are transitioning through homelessness and hardship. They are a grass roots Charity embedded in the community, and their asset focused way of working is ensuring that positives outcomes are not only being achieved, but they are being sustained. The Brick Strategy focuses on the 3 R’s:  Relief, Restoration and Reformation.  Services include a crisis centre for people experiencing homelessness, an independent food community, homeless hospital service, a training and up-skilling centre focusing on reuse, 3 Charity shops, 47 emergency bed spaces and 20 units of Supported Accommodation. The Charity’s USP is to not only focus on Relief but a desire and commitment to end the cycle of homelessness through providing opportunities for people to restore their lives in the way they want through social interaction and training.