Youth Winners 2020

Rochdale Connections Trust 2020

Established 20 yrs ago, Rochdale Connections Trust provides training & mentor-ship to young people going through the court system.















Rochdale Connections Trust was set up by local Magistrates who kept seeing young people coming through the courts that were not on a school register and had little or no parental support. The Trust set up a programme of training volunteers to mentor these young people and they continue to carry out this work today. 10 years ago they broadened their work to support parents of the young people they mentored and also with adults across the borough offering courses in Parenting, Respectful Relationships and Employment. There is also an in-house counselling service which is valuable extra service for people who have been traumatised in some way. A lot of the current work is focused on working with Children, young people and women who have experienced domestic abuse and for the past 5 years they have worked with men who want to change their behaviour.