Youth Winners 2020

The Enthusiasm Trust 2020

The Enthusiasm Trust is a youth charity providing prevention, early intervention & support for disadvantaged young people.














The Enthusiasm Trust is an award-winning youth charity providing prevention, early intervention and support for disadvantaged young people growing up in poverty who are most at risk of becoming involved in anti-social, violent and criminal behaviour, including gang-associated young people.  They provide high quality, community-focused youth programmes in socially/economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods across Derby and Nottingham, in areas where young people lack access to a wide range of out-of-school activities due to financial constraints, limited transport, low aspirations or a combination of all.  The Enthusiasm Trust’s vision is to create communities where young people feel safe and valued and where there are opportunities for them to develop and progress.  They also provide support and training for other professionals across England around issues of serious youth violence through our Get Connected training programme.